Workshops and Small Group Activities
We are really looking forward to seeing you at the Ignite Festival 2024! On Sunday, everyone will be taking part in workshops and small group activities. Please choose which of these you would like to do before you come. Each workshop / activity has a limited number and when they are full, they are full. Selection will go live at 20:00 on Sunday 28th April and then the sooner you make your selection, the more chance you have of getting your preferred choices. When you choose workshops/activites, think about which ones will help on your journey with God, as well as which ones you will enjoy.

You can choose two differnt workshops /activities.

You can choose one from Section A (High demand ) and one from Section B
You can choose both from Section B




Games, games, games
Tug of war, Giant Jenga. Inflatable obstacle course

Join in a fun dance workshop

Shroud of Turin: Burial Cloth of Christ or Medieval Fake?
Find clues to try and resolve this centuries-old mystery. Is the Shroud of Turin the real-life cloth that Jesus was buried in? Science meets faith in this interactive workshop.

Rosary Making
Come and make your own rosary to keep.

The lifeblood of our faith, yet sometimes we can find it difficult. Come to this workshop to explore what prayer is and different ways to pray.

Moulding the Gospel
Making a sculpture from clay reflecting on a Gospel Passage.

Praise and worhsip music with the Sibyl Collective
If you like moden Christian praise and worship music, and can sing or play, come along and join in!

Study Room
If you have to revise or have a lot of work on, we have set aside a supervised silent room to study in instead of doing workshops. You may choose this for both workshop /activity sessions

Making a difference - we can!
Everyday we hear about people in dire poverty, starving and homeless, and it can sometimes seem that there’s little we can do. In this workshop we’ll look at how our involvement with organisations such as the Christmas Shoebox Appeal, Mary’s Meals and CAFOD really can make a difference.

How can I set the Downtrodden (modern slaves), Free?
Did you know that in East Anglia alone there are estimated to be around 8,600 people trapped in Modern Slavery? In this workshop, we will look at safe and practical ways to be aware of modern slavery in our neighbourhood and what we can do to help free people.

Learn how to mime
Impress your friends by learning how to mime 'the wall' and much more. Led by a professional mime artist

What's God's plan for my life?
How do you know what God wants you do do with your life? Sisters from the Community of Our Lady of Walsingham share the joy and sweetness of discovering your Vocation and saying Yes to God.